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tonight europe waits to hear which way you crane will finally turn over the e.u. deal while in kiev itself tens of thousands continue to push for the government to look last also. tremors in texas an unusually high number of quakes hits communities there is locals and scientists point a finger of fracking and. homes are finding it increasingly why use all over the world but we are not going to operate them as other countries do it's not a video game we bring you blood in a putin's take on drone warfare and his assessment of the russian city that's set to be hosting the winter olympics in just two months time.
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thing for me kevin i mean if you just joined us it's nine pm here in moscow this is not international our top story the eastern recruits begin their summit shortly with ukraine's president firmly in the spotlight as he hesitates over whether or not to sign up to closer ties with brussels time european demonstrations in kiev are into their fifth day with hundreds of people perceiving the parliament building day and night. they will be staying here at least until the end of friday and the protests are continuing day and night despite is getting very very cold in kiev right now probably about ten to twelve thousand at the independence square in kiev and the idea here is that they're still hopeful that the euro station deal will be signed in vilnius right now it's very peaceful it's been peaceful for the last two days but this may well be calm before the storm because we've already heard from several opposition leaders that they will be taking people into the streets if the deal will not be signed on friday promising
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a national wide strike and even what they describe as inciting a euro revolution we still don't know what that means but the korean government has been assuring the deal would not be signed looking at the numbers and figures its economy is already ailing with one hundred thirty six billion dollars debt and you know modernizing the factories alone for the year standards would have cost one hundred billion heroes even more than that so different it's a risk which the creating government would not want to take we know that unocal which travels to vilnius to attend the summit and just as it always is with the korean politics is a roller coaster ride you can never expect anything for sure the deal may still be signed my colleague paul scott is now into this morning covered on all this ange the summit that was meant to see the formalities completed and ukraine assigned to join the e.u. last week decision from kiev to postpone preparations on signing that association agreement cause shock amongst many of the years in the go just to get to this point
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the ukrainian president viktor yanukovych says that the terms of the deal were simply not agreeable for his country they smile meant in time now he said the financial package being offered by the european union and the international monetary fund left feeling humiliated those are his words and he said that any deal would only be signed on what he described as normal terms and he says that the six hundred million euros on offer to ukraine to modernize was simply in a. adequate now another large stumbling block of course was the future of former prime minister and jailed opposition leader leader yulia tymoshenko now she is in prison at the moment but needs medical treatment on a bad back now the e.u. say that it was a precondition that she goes to get medical treatment in germany before that trade deal would have been struck but that money was blocked by ukraine's parliament now there could be an interesting atmosphere here in vilnius over the next couple of days or so the british prime minister david david cameron german chancellor angela merkel and french president francois hollande are expected to meet on the fringes of this summit to discuss their next move in dealing with ukraine the e.u.
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offer does remain on the table under president going to cobra charge until the eleventh hour to change his mind but with the e.u. apparently aren't willing to budge from their stance i say that prospect looks very unlikely. bit earlier we spoke a little bit down an aide to the leader of france's national front marine le pen he told us that some surprising that ukraine is reluctant to go ahead with the deal. they're making interventionism inside the national politics of train i can totally understand the president of ukraine why he felt humiliated on this case they're mixing up with the international internet all this is difficult questions about you get emotional go and enter a case korean should be thinking twice about these officers which were seen as you really aging and which even upsets their russian friends i mean what does the european union have to offer when it is politically if i did when it's there is
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rising unemployment rate rising ukraine is divided into you have a pro european opinion you have pro russian opinion this country for my its history and its geography is complicated let's not make things even worse. a developing story next tonight the russian embassy in damascus has been hit by mortar fire today syrian security guard was killed the none of the russian staff are believed to be is a middle east correspondent with the latest. we know that one syrian has been killed nine people have been injured including syrian security officials as of yet no information that points to any russian citizens having been killed or injured now the russian foreign ministry is calling this a terrorist attack we are also being told that there is in significant damage to
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the russian embassy building now the attack happened when a bomb exploded in the embassy premises earlier there was a mortar attack by anti government soldiers in the vicinity of where this industry building is the russian foreign ministry has issued a statement and i'm reading from it it says we resent and condemn decisively the attack by militants in central damascus and we consider this as an act of terror. two point six magnitude earthquake struck an area north texas it is the strongest tremor there in five years no damage or injuries reported but locals but emotionally shaken by it it's more everyone blaming mother nature for it either as we were reporting some scientists say that the drilling of nearby fracking wells is what's causing these quakes in fact there has been hit by war than a dozen traversed this month alone it seem more earthquakes in fact since fracking
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bigger in two thousand a jew in the previous four decades combined what texas residents in the affected area should his experience with it's a bit earlier. we had like three earthquakes one with a two point five. and in that three point six and celica current berman in the house again and we did have some damage minor just a little crack and. my wife. and one lady and she's here appear and being how. our. nation like we have. heard shake you know. ok when they were really concerned about it. let's take a minute to among themselves how this controversial process of fracking works a well is drilled to over a thousand meters down into the ground then a mix of water and sand as well as tons of dioxins called fracking fluids are pumped in creating fishes that release the natural gas deposits but that's the
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problem the harmful chemicals used for fracking that can accumulate in the soil and result in contamination of the water the water table the ducks insult the toxins also evaporate and cause air pollution too it's a double whammy there's a growing movement to ban the process of the energy industries latest fad to tap into lucrative fossil fuel deposits some activists say fracking is even more hazardous indeed than actually burning oil and gas in the first place there are better alternatives of disposal of we don't need fracking whatsoever and not only that i mean people such as me that it's a transition feel. it in america from the leakage is from all the wells that there is the three to seven out the sense of leakage of the gas into the atmosphere is a lot more polson greenhouse gas the what's see also is so you know there's a case to be said it's actually a more harmful form of energy than burning coal in power stations let's also if we know from the trucking company and each other from the whale's green party in the
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u.k. that i and even to you what steps is your party taken against fracking that. well the only part in the u.k. that's currently got no explicit policy looking through to now all this. activity and all the other part these are pretty much that and sitting on the fence on calls that all these you know actively promoting it going on isn't really a serious and bad as i've been saying they're pointing out on that graph and how much of a danger is it or is it being slightly blown out proportion here as far as you see it. i don't see some aspects of it call it have been blown out of portion a little bit but you know there's the sky a lot of you know the issues range from the you know the the ring my shoulder all the way up to the global level and when the images of. gas being blown in people's taps from from gas and so on we don't as a bit of a disservice not to say that that can't happen we can happen all sorts of other reasons you know the issues that you've already mentioned about contamination of
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water supplies here once aquifers are contaminated contaminated pretty much forever you know the bush impossible to limit. and therefore that's a very serious issue the issue we go on in health consequence is that doctors who colborne investigated thoroughly you know that an immediate and definite danger then you then talk about the whole issue of the energy policy of the countering your previous her speech was not about the fact that all that happened in use by pursuing these extreme energies were put off the imperative to get to grips with the renewable energies that we're going to have to rely on sooner or later what the french government obviously agrees with the i'm concerned that you've got they ban the practice back in two thousand and eleven didn't they was that a difficult step for them to carry throw. well it's a difficult step in the sense that you've got some you know some of the biggest countries on the planet are looking to put pressure on the government of the u.k. and of course the world to allow them to use these last talks in fossil fuels out.
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profit motives and that's literally all it is i mean when there's no way in the amount of energy to extract the center gene itself and means that no contribution to the over when you have the country is digital is absolute fast when you look at the equipment and the sources that go into extracting those get asked it's got to be just for the sort of short term profit motive here and i've been talking to a couple of people have literally been affected by a boreholes of a pair them in their houses that they've turned their were outside their houses they've done their water on gases come out of their water dat is scary but why hasn't the un for instance caught on to this is there anywhere along the line where a global ban been proposed or is that just not on the cards in the united nations and the. caller stands whenever the report they published in november last year twelve months ago almost exactly which basically confirmed everything that i've
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been saying that we've been saying since the outset here in terms of the fact that you know there's not you know the vagaries of the geology are such that even the greatest experts on the planet can all say for certain how it's going to react to the amount of pressure that's been put into them you know the amount really quit being pumped into forms that they don't even we don't we don't even know where they exist or not won't happen in texas is that the action into the into the ground of the fluids to light in fact is that we had no idea even existed because how you got sick is this stuff that they pump and i kind of highlighted it just just now about bad is it. well one of the myths about fracking fluid is that you know one of the things about it is it is no such thing as a brute force you fracking fluid if you sink the job of requires a different mix every single stage of the fracking process requires a different mix so what you've got is you've got to start from step down from companies where boy in the initial stages of fracking when i would need to do much
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in the way of chemicals or tool and you can start from these addicted to drinking. cameras or what happens is that the further down you go the more extreme you need to get the subsequent stages of it you need more more chemicals to make the damn thing work well and that's when those dots. new guinea and all sorts of nasty as he was that are well documented with all sorts of nasty consequences form and ultimately their course the public want cheap feel they want to put fuel in the cars they want to warn their houses etc etc etc and the one of the cheapest possible it's an uphill battle you're up against isn't it. well the battle against the spin that the tool is in seoul and the other best interests i would just sort of. a few days on now go for. electricity consumption. towers doesn't get much cheaper the night of investment you know what we mean you will energy. which the free energy
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a lot of initial investments all enjoy security and cheap energy policies of all or at least come about in the long run through pursuing a new way to g.'s the lay off in these extreme forms of fossil fuel explicitly to travis thanks so much for your thoughts they're much appreciated. get. me up in the program stamp and shoot. but there is the sound of a garden made using a three d. printer but there are fears it could bring about a deadly revolution in. d.c. humanity as a whole would benefit from living some parts of the world can we just to
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play on the safe side through biotechnology research through genetic modification we can give those small holder farmers the opportunity to be able to deal with and survive all of those challenges and i believe they should have all of the tools. dramas that can't be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. the faces changing the world lights now. so picture. on to from around the globe.
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look to. see. again drones are not toys that's the message from the russian president a gathering devoted to the country's head defense industry in sochi it's been a busy few days to provide even a putin in the city that will of course host those winter olympics in just over two months time by much safe there. well at the presidential residence the president has had a very busy day sorry for now he went on to talk a little bit about of the defense and aviation industry particularly about the drone technology let's listen to what he had to say. the drones are finding an increasingly wide use all over the world but we are not going to operate them as other countries do it's not a video game however it's absolutely clear that unmanned systems have a big future let's not forget it's not all about the military it's also about sochi
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which is the host city for the upcoming olympics for twenty fourteen it's also the city that's going to host the paralympics now on the one hundredth a day count on for the paralympics president putin who was here to look for himself and how far the infrastructure has gone he gave the thumbs up saying essentially sochi is ready to welcome the world as well as the athletes in terms of the infrastructure as well as the stadiums they've all been tested in the last couple of months of international competitions they've added two thousand more buses as well as vehicles for guests and athletes at the transport system is running a smoothly as they wanted to add more roads in terms of hotels and and all the restaurants that have been preparing for the last couple of months everything seems to be on point particularly for the able to also be joining us out here in sochi twenty fourteen they've also been added the amendments that they need to have a comfortable a limpy game so we just need to put on the final nail on it and of course we're all
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waiting for that snow to start dropping and it's all the way to sochi twenty fourteen for the olympics as well as the paralympics. more to say there cultivating life in other planets may sound like science fiction but a breakthrough could be on the way we're reporting that online r.t. dot com party scientists are just a couple of years now away from sowing the first plant seeds on the surface of the moon more details about that exciting or revelation from us also we just talked a welshman we've got another welshman a welshman talking away a fortune reporting on unfortunately it was in a landfill site you will want to be this guy find out how we lost millions of dollars worth of bitcoins he chucked away the codes to it can't find them oh dear. revolutionary three d. printing technology sparked a gun scare in america after a workable firearm was successfully created now than philadelphia's become the first u.s. city to ban the unlicensed printing of guns miniport next looks at how anyone could
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sue manufacture weapons at home. red's shooting range in austin texas is normally packed with gun enthusiasm. today the difference is that these men are firing rounds with a do it yourself firearm the world's first three d. printed metal gun we wanted to showcase the abilities of what direct metal can do and what a better way than find something that can withstand a bunch of heat tolerance and accuracy all wrapped into one which in america everybody knows how to supply our. eric much later is a project coordinator at solid concepts company specializing in three d. printing here in prince arena archie was granted an exclusive tour of their austin facility which boasts ten three d. industrial printers and a glimpse of our technological future these are all the three d. printed parts that went into making this bar after getting
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a federal firearms license the company used a process called direct metal laser centering to produce this browning nine hundred eleven pistol takes about twenty five to thirty five hours depending on the machine we put it on and what materials were grown in. this three d. printing metal gun has fired over one thousand rounds in the meantime solid concepts has manufactured its second nineteen eleven firearm we plan on making a few more prototypes for additional testing. you know we don't we don't plan on going into full production on these we can afford to sell them. at the price of be required to get our money back while the prices of many three d. printers have fallen below one thousand dollars solid concepts insists the stainless steel firearm they've introduced to the world can't be replicated by hobbyists these machines start at six hundred thousand and go up to
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a million dollars they need to be in. industrial environments they require more electricity than is available in residential areas and they require inert gas is in the chamber that are just not commonly available so it's definitely an industrial commercial type process and it will be years before metal printers become available on the consumer market if at all not exactly the world's first mini metal maker has already been created it prints using precious metal clay and with laser centering patterns set to expire in february it's predicted that metal desktop printers will hit the consumer market before you know it five years from now small this is going to do it maybe five years after that you starts a whole workshops and and you know having one on your desktop at home so that we are going there that technology exists the price will come down. as the world has learned the convenience of technology has a downside we all loved the internet cell phones e-mail and social media before
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finding out that our beloved data is being monitored and stored by the n.s.a. . the astonishing capabilities of three d. metal printers is no longer a secret. so when they become a part of our household tap alongside the microwave and flat screen t.v. . what people choose to physically create in the privacy of their home. will be beyond the control of the u.s. government bring up or niam r.t. texas well for now plastic guns are obviously far cheaper to produce than those metal ones we saw that in fact the first plastic firearm was printed in may so far though they've proven to be too unreliable to use but as writer said in the report the metal print is up becoming more affordable making it feasibly possible to stop working replicas old proper firearms at some point one expert in this field told me that the biggest danger though is that three d. printed guns can easily be discoveries. it's
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a very universal kind of technology that can be used in lots of different ways some good some not so good but it is alarming. people have started printing guns i would say the most dangerous thing is let's say a gun that doesn't look like a gun but looks like. something else and so the this is this ability to make things in any shape and for really defies a lot of the conventional thinking around regulating guns around detecting them and so forth and i think that sort of it's a whole new world when it comes to controlling these kinds of things whether internationally brief tonight. what you're seeing there is protests is in thailand cutting off power water supplies to the national police headquarters earlier in the day probably just to you know. the anti government demonstrators demonstrators to back down after she survived a no confidence vote in parliament security those big rates across the capital
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bangkok as the country faces largest civil unrest in three years proud to be marching on state ministry since sunday cusick the premiere of acting as a proxy for xcel brother texan chenault who was forced from power back in two thousand and six. japan and south korea now saying they flow military aircraft over a group of disputed islands in east china sea in an apparent challenge them to china's declaration of a new air defense the united states also refuses to recognize the new boundaries and earlier flew two unarmed b. fifty two bombers through the area disputes threatening to overshadow u.s. face president joe biden's trip to the region next week it could also aggravate tensions between beijing and its two eastern neighbors both of which host u.s. military bases. this is true this year dozens of rights is have ransacked the ruling party's offices in the town of gaffes a protest is hurled office furniture out the windows and set fire to the nearby
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strait discontent over the government's inability to revive the floundering economy is growing across the country which became of course the cradle of arab spring revolutions almost three years ago. it's twenty five minutes past not at night here in moscow thanks for being with us next news bulletin just about thirty four minutes time and with me kevin owen after the break though eggs on a boy kids here tonight discussing the global hunger dilemma with the president of the world food prize foundation. i hate to be a doubter but i really think the olympics have lost all meaning in the past when there was the cold war it was like a battle between two ideologies taking place in the abstract and the one nine hundred thirty six olympics nazi pseudo science their self proclaimed superiority
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was put on trial for the whole world to see and it's quite the olympics having the majority of the countries on earth participating there now horribly horribly bland one could argue that they have become a great way for countries to show off their ex used to build up some infrastructure by think this is a big misconception let's look back to the two thousand a lympics in beijing you're china is really developed the last twenty years but the olympics really teach us anything about this country with a radically different political system or anything about their ancient culture or the way they think or the way they live no nothing at all all we saw were some flags and some pandas that rather unique stadium which was mostly the work of a swiss company yeah i have to say i think the olympic flame is kind of burnt out over the years although i have to admit that saying the torch in the space was kind of neat i think that when and if the world ever becomes an ideological battle ground again then the olympic. will become worth watching but for now it's just generic sports from generic countries a generic stadiums but that's just my opinion.
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hello and welcome to worlds apart millions of people ever on the western world will join hands in this things giving prayer today praising the lord for the food on their table and down throwing about a third of it into the trash can in the meantime millions of others will go to sleep hungry can we ever solve the age old problem of hunger and what is the best way to do it to discuss that i'm now joined by count of quinn president of the world what price and a former us ambassador to can void if ambassador quinn it's a great honor to have you on the show well i'm very delighted to be with you and i want to wish you a very happy thanksgiving to all of your viewers thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday in the united states it's one no matter what your background
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what your ethnicity what your religion is it's something that unites all americans absolutely and things giving and is associated with food and i believe that you said once that the greatest challenge that humanity faces today is whether we'll be able to feed the in nine billion people who are expected to populate this planet by the year two thousand and fifty now some experts would say that absolutely we can so the problem is not so much whether the planet can produce enough food there are some would argue that it already produces enough to feed everybody but rather how we can distribute this food fairly and so that nobody goes to sleep hungry well i think absolutely right that. food distribution is a huge issue and we do right know this year in two thousand and thirteen produce enough food to feed everyone sustainably and nutritiously and the question is how
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do you get it there and you are absolutely right that about a third of the food is lost post-harvest lost and then food that is thrown away. not all consumed and this is a problem and that's why the world food prize was created by dr norman borlaug to find the breakthrough achievements that will deal with all of all of those issues and yet the ambassador queen i think the defocus that you organization is making is more on our group culture and sustainable production of rather than distribution and sustainable management don't you think that it would be wise to shift the focus a few organizations and the overall food availability debate not so much on production and advances in technology but rather on the distribution well our organization takes.


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